Well hello and thanks for joining. Previously in my life I’ve been a DJ, a dancer, a male strip-club manager, a landlord, an artist, and a photographer. Well, I’m still the latter two – plus a designer and builder thrown in for good measure… and I periodically do the odd job for people.

Kere Delcon was born in November 2006 – in the still relatively new-and-shiny Second Life Virtual World. I slept in shop doorways and played with train-tracks at a friend’s sim, whose generosity gave my partner and I our first virtual house and a little shop from which he sold hair. (He still sells hair, only the shop isn’t so little anymore – and I’m insanely jealous of his talent and the fact that he gets to work from home and be his own boss).

But that’s beside the point. Let’s not dwell on jealousy and the fact that the chump tapping away at these keys on my behalf hasn’t led nearly as interesting life in his 32 years as I have in only six. When either of us has something to say – you can rest assured we’ll say it here. We’re much the same person – ok, I’m shorter, better tanned and less hairy – but he has much nicer legs than I could ever hope for…

If the saying is true, and our avatars really are an extension of ourselves, then you might find we’re both reasonably friendly-but-impatient, funny, and good in the kitchen!

So hello – from the other side of the world. May you be even half as interested in my writings as I am!

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